Thursday, December 31, 2009

鈾LL PICK U FOR THE BEST ANSWER鈾?I need advice on being Outgoing&making out! Im Seeing this guy tomorrow!HELP鈽?

Ok well ill try to make it short as possible. There this guy name Vince that liked me in 7th grade, then i liked him in 8th and now i like him. Well i got held back this year but he told me on myspace that he would of already asked me out if i went to his high school %26amp; he was saying that next year me %26amp; him should go out. And well anyways We talk on myspace all the time but we never really talked much in real life, But he asked me to go to two of his games and i went but i brought 2 different friends with me both times, and this friday im hanging out with him!

And i've talked to him a lot on myspace and a few people think are conversation we had is cute lol but im really nervous. Because i told him a few times that i like him and he told me that he thinks im cute and all but he doesnt know me that well to say if he likes me. But he told me that he thinks ';walking around his high school as in (just me and him )would be nice:)'; and then he was talking about making out! And i totally thought he was kidding but he wasnt. And I need advice on first: Hes like really outgoing, and hes kind of perverted but he likes to joke around a lot and have fun. u know? and me im kind of outgoing but i can be shy. And When it comes to boys, I make a bad girlfriend! and i get really shy and quiet and i cant help it:{ So i need advice on how i can joke around and be outgoing around him. And he was telling me that he wonders who is a better kisser me or him and i said ';i think we both know the answer to that one ;)'; and he said not yet maybe this week will find out:) and Now Im SO Nervous lol! I have NO idea how to make out. Can someone plz give advice on step to step on how to make out. And my mouth usually gets really watery so how am i suppose to swallow with his tongue in my mouth!?!? lol. And I was wondering maybe i can just say to him that idk if i would wanna make out because i made out with a few guys and it dint work out to well.. they were really bad at it ? or something lol.

Idk plz give advicee:)illl pick u for the best answerr鈾LL PICK U FOR THE BEST ANSWER鈾?I need advice on being Outgoing%26amp;making out! Im Seeing this guy tomorrow!HELP鈽?
I've always had the problem of being shy around boyfriends, I get quiet and can't think of anything to say. What I've had to do in the past is come up with a list of things the nite before that I want to talk to him about or mention to him. Think of a funny story, something that happened to you or something someone did that was hillarious, and tell him about it. (Like I told mine about a time my friends were at a sleepover and stuck their bras in the freezer, haha). Just some little funny story. It may feel sorta like cheating to think of things before hand, but it can really help you until you get more comfortable around the person.

As far as making out, believe me it comes naturally. Everyone always asks how to do it step-by-step, but it really isn't as complicated as you would think, and it'll just happen. But I'll give you tips.

1) Don't just make out with your mouth, make out with your hands. Touch his face with your hands, run your fingers through his hair, etc.

2) Don't just stick your tongue in there, have it ';squash'; with his.

3) When it gets to this point later, just so you know, guys love it for you to kiss their ear ;-)

If he's a good guy, then he'd be kind if you told him that you just want to be totally honest and let him know you're nervous about making out because you just haven't had a whole lot of experience making out with guys. He'd probably just laugh and say he can teach you ;-)

Anyway, good luck.鈾LL PICK U FOR THE BEST ANSWER鈾?I need advice on being Outgoing%26amp;making out! Im Seeing this guy tomorrow!HELP鈽?
It just happens.

You'll know what to do!

And I agree: run your fingers through his hair and later on kiss his ear and neck

Good luck girlie :]

email me if you need anymore advice:

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