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Need some advice on girls. 10 pts best answer?

Im 18 and haven't had a gf before probably because of my shyness. Ive been looking for a gf for awhile i dont know if i should just let it come to me or be proactive. Should i go to a party going on next week and try there? Also what could a guy do to make himself more appealing to a girl. Thanks.Need some advice on girls. 10 pts best answer?
well first of all, just be yourself! you shouldn't have to change for anybody, because one day i bet you'll find some chick that likes you the way you are. and girls like romantic sweet guys, the ones that kiss slowly and passionately, not all dirty with there tongue down her throat. and try to let them come to you, but if after a long while nothing s happening, then you go for it and try to flirt with somebody. and then just remember to be yourself =] goood luck , i hope things workout for you at the party and in future =]Need some advice on girls. 10 pts best answer?
Are you looking for a serious relationship or a casual one? A girl you meet at a party may not be looking for a serious relationship. I advise looking elsewhere depending on your interests.

Go up to girls and introduce yourself; strike up a conversation. She'll most likely be flattered that you came up and talked to her over anyone else. If that doesn't go well go talk to someone else. If nothing else you'll make a few new friends that may introduce you to their female friends and so on.
shyness in a guy is cute!! i think u should definently go to that party!! dont be shy! Be proactive and just spark a conversation with a girl! and i can defiently tell u something that makes me like a guy when a guy says im beautiful and not sexy or hot! and to be more appealing! be yourself dont try to act like you are something you are not or try to act different just to impress that is a big turn off!!!
Okay dude...I really don't want to get into a lengthy answer here because there's too much to cover. As well, I don't want to sound like an advertisement either because I've seen those in here too. But what I strongly suggest is doing what I did to learn how to attract women. There's two websites I've noted below. Check those out and get on their email lists. Read the emails they send you. It'll not make sense at first and seem rather strange...and possibly fake...but read them and try some of the tactics they talk about. It took me a few years, but after a while those tactics started working. This is why I don't want to get into a lengthy answer about how to get a girlfriend. Good luck. sound sweet. acting confident is a key factor in getting girls to notice you....but dont be obnoxious or act like a player. this should be obvious..but no cheezy pick up lines!!! also look nice.... maube leave your hair natural or gel it depending on what looks handsome on you....also wear a dark wash of jeans....normal jeans, not baggy or skinny. then wear a nice shirt...maybe a dark shirt with silver/white vetical stripes that are really thin. wear a white under shirt and leave the striped shirt on top open. then more or your personality...tell a girl who seems like she want to talk to you some of your hobbies(be very casual and decent)...wear really nice perfume(sorry dont know how to spell the guy version of the stuff!!) would also be attractive to get the girl to laugh. no dirty, cheezy, or stupid jokes!!! maybe if u do something stupid..laugh it off and she would laugh along!!! GOODLUCK!!!!!!!
Parties are good because they are generally much more casual and fun oriented than other occasions. Be outgoing-- however difficult it may be. Pick out a girl you think is charming, pretty, whatever and go for it. Whether she ignores you or things work out, it will be a good experience to build your confidence.
go to the party and make an effort to talk to some girls and make sure while your at the party your outgoing. girls really like that in a guy...approach the girls or you'll never get anywhere ;)
go to the party hang out with some chicks and text them a few days later if you know them well enough so its not weird or call if you want
Well, you must have a balance of both. You need to be proactive, yet you also need to let your feelings find you, and not force them. You don't go looking for a girlfriend, but what happens is you find yourself liking someone because you just like them, and not because you want a girlfriend and are looking for one. Does that make sense? You have to let it find you.

Yes, I suggest you go to the party. That is the kind of pro-activeness you need. You need to be proactive in a sense that you are giving your self chances to meet people, you need to go out and be social. That is up to you. You can flirt and have fun, definitely, but don't be looking for the perfect girlfriend. That is where the pro-activeness stops, because liking someone is a feeling that finds you, not one you make up for yourself. You go out with a girl because you like her genuinely, and not just because you want a girlfriend. This is normally something I tell 8th grade boys, but it is something all people need to grasp. Is it the idea of having a gf that you like? Or is it the actual girl you have feelings for? Think about that before starting anything.

Your first girlfriend should also be special. You owe that to yourself and the girl. Remember that also.

And what can you do to be more appealing? Well, of course the superficial stuff is what girls see first. Take care of your appearance, but don't become ';pretty.'; That's her job! Also, confidence is key! And knowing what you want...with her and now in life (at least where you see yourself going within the next year or so), since you are legally an adult. Maturity and respect also go along way, but don't be afraid to be yourself and have fun. Every girl is different, so I would say your best bet is to just be yourself so you can attract someone who likes you for you.

Good luck and don't beat yourself up about this. 18 is still young.

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