Monday, December 28, 2009

Advice,i miss my best friend?

my best friend has been gone for over 3 months and i don't know if our friendship has left her mind?when she left me she didn't give me no number of anyone or where she was going to live and she has my email and hasn't wrote me nor called me,i've talked to her 4 times since she's been gone..does this mean our friendship is over? someone give me some advice,what you think on this?

thanx!Advice,i miss my best friend?
First of all i really dont think that your friendship is over!

You have talked to her since she has left right? Well maybe

shes just trying to adjust to her new home. You do want her to make new friends and meet new people dont you? About the awhole not giving her number or where she was going is another thing.. and she should of left something for you to contact her. Im sure she still wants to be friends with you just give her time to get use to things.Advice,i miss my best friend?
i would just confront her and tell her the problem she will understand
Sometimes friendships change over time.

It sounds like she is going through something that she needs to do by herself.

I don't know if you friendship is over but it's time that you move on.

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