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Hey mom whats the best breast pump would advice?

my baby is formula feed,and also breastfeed,but sometimes i dont know why she loves formula rather than breastmilk,i dont if the problem if i produce too much milk,or maybe shes got used to silicon nipples.what is the best breast pump that wont hurt me.and how many hours before the breastmilk spoil? im very frustrated,pls help.Hey mom whats the best breast pump would advice?
The best pump is a Medela double-pump. I used it myself and it doesn't hurt, you can adjust the intensity, so it's pretty comfortable.

That pump is really expensive, so if you can't afford it, sometimes you can rent it at a pharmacy. That's what I did, I rented it, it was 2$ a day. For informations on how to get a breast pump, you can contact a La Leche League leader or a lactation consultant (I got the info through a lactation consultant).

Why do you say that your baby prefers formula? What are your baby's actions that make you say that? Do she fall asleep? Does she refuse the breast? Is she able to latch on? Does she choke on the breast?

Also, how old is your baby? Because that makes a difference in how well she can suckle to get the breastmilk.

My baby didn't seem interested in the breast either. He either wouldn't latch on or he would fall asleep. But now, in hindsight, I think he was falling asleep because the breast milk flowed at a slower pace than the cup (I didn't give him a bottle until he was 6 weeks old, because I didn't want to confuse him, but he still preferred being fed with a cup because it was faster than the breast).

I think that babies don't prefer formula over breastmilk - they just prefer getting whatever is easiest, and the bottle is easiest for them when they are newborns, so it's important to get them well fed from the breast before using bottles. But if you've already started with bottles, don't worry, you can still breastfeed, but it takes a lot of work, and it can be very frustrating.

Breastmilk is good for 8 hours right after being pumped if it's not in the fridge, 6 days if you put it in the fridge right after it being pumped, and I can't remember how long it you freeze it. You can get the info on the La Leche League

Breastfeeding can be very frustrating at first - get as much support as possible, because it can get very hard and disappointing. Maybe you could contact a La Leche League leader or a lactation consultant to get specific info for your situation. I saw a lactation consultant for free at a pharmacy, maybe you have that available in your region. As for LLL leaders, you can get info on the website.

Hang in there, don't put too much pressure on yourself - it's already hard and frustrating, just relax as much as you can and do whatever it takes to fully enjoy your baby.Hey mom whats the best breast pump would advice?
You should really stick to one or the other as far as feeding your baby goes. If you are breastfeeding, your baby should only get formula as a supplement occasionally like 2 times a week. As far as a good pump, I use a Medela Harmony manual pump. I like it because it works good and I can control how hard or fast I wish to pump. Also, if I have to get up or move I dont have to be worried about having to stay in one place. Pumping or nursing should never hurt. Proper latching and the right size of pump accessories will aliviate any pain or discomfort.

Breast milk at room temperature will stay good for up to 8-12 hrs. In the fridge up to a week and 4+ months in the freezer.

In my personal opinion, I think you should nurse your baby and only use the formula for times when you really cant nurse or your baby is not satisfied after a feeding. And if your baby really prefers the formula over breast milk, then just feed her formula. No harm in either. I wish you all the best-good luck-
i was going to buy one of those expensive ones until the lactation nurse and my sister told me about the Avent Isis. it works great even for huge pumping .my baby hated formula sincce day one so she was solely breasfed until 15 months and i was wrking full time so this pump saves both our lives .it is a manual one but it works just as those medela one . ( i used to rent from a hospital) here is a link to it鈥?/a> . good luck.

another link to show you how to punp and store and all about breasfeeding鈥?/a> . good luck
Try Medela swing, very good and efficient. Go to for an advice about pumping/storing breast milk
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