Monday, December 21, 2009

Best friend and guy trouble advice plz?

ok i made out wiht this guy who is my best friends ex and she is totally obsessed with him stilll even tho they broke up..(she broke up wiht him) im afraid to tell her bcuz shes totally gunan flip but ts almost liek she knows what do i doBest friend and guy trouble advice plz?
if she really is your best friend, then you need to tell her, if she gets mad over someting as small as a guy, then she might need a reality check, but you do not want a relationship with her built on lies do you? and furthermore, what if you and this guy start dating and she finds out the hard way, she will be mad at you!!!Best friend and guy trouble advice plz?
Well I've been in this situation before.... kindof...... But maybe you shouldn't tell her.... She might already know........ Just don't bring it up!
I agree don't tell her
don't tell her.

it may never come out, so don't make unnecessary trouble.
What she doesnt know can't hurt her(much), right!

Seriously, I 'd tell her though! The sooner you tell her the sooner she'll get over it!
dont tell her! wat she doesnt know wont hurt her. but if she does know try to appoligize dont lie it just make sit more worst. good luck!
get on with it
Hey its hard l know but trust me if u want to keep your best friend tell her cos if he tell her that u slept with him or she finds out then u could loose her,but make sure you tell her it was only once, and it was when they was broken up but these thing do happen,best friends are hard to find,l losted my b-f bye not tell the truth,so my advice is tell her,if she is a real friend then she will forgive you,may be not striaght away but soon.
tell her because if she finds out from sum1 else it'll be worse. it's better 2 just tell her the truth
well two of my friends are in the same situtaion. my friend is dating her friends ex. and have been for the past 3 months. My friends and my friends ex told her and they havent been talking for a long time. All I can say is to tell her the truth b4 she finds out another way. plus the guy isn't up to no good because why was he making out with his ex's best friend? And hopefully things will work out.
Tell her be a good friend maybe the thing that you did wasn't good tell her maybe she will understand

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