Monday, December 28, 2009

I lied at Meps about smoking pot a couple of times in the past. I need advice on my best course of action.?

HI, I have recently been through meps and signed my contract with the navy. I was honest about everything, my criminal history and my medical records. However when asked about illegal drug use i said no to all of it but in reality i have tried marijuana 3-4 times over the past 4 years, something I didn't think was a big issue but it has been weighing on my conscience. My job is in intel and will require a security clearance. At the time i didn't believe anyone would ever find out about my ';experimentation'; with pot but with the BI i feel it may come up later on down the road. I want to come clean and i realize doing so will probably cause me to be discharged from my DEP but i feel its the only way to clear my conscience. I plan on telling my recruiter this later this week or next week but i would like some advice first. I do not wish to be discharged as I really want to serve my country with the navy. Can anyone tell me their experience with this or the best course of action I can take.I lied at Meps about smoking pot a couple of times in the past. I need advice on my best course of action.?
All these J/Os who are telling you not to say anything have never been in the military and have no clue as to what they are talking about. You need to tell the Navy ASAP about this. The sooner you tell them the better it will be. The longer you wait, the worst it will be for you. It will even be worse if they find out on their own. Your recruiter may even tell you it is no big deal. You just need to tell them about this.I lied at Meps about smoking pot a couple of times in the past. I need advice on my best course of action.?
Well its up to you. Like you said if you tell you will be discharged immediatelly. If i were you i would just keep your mouth shut. I mean its not like your covering up a murder or somethin. Just stick to your story and stay away from drugs and you will be fine.
Keep the past in the past

So many people have experimented with pot it doesn't make you any less capable of serving your country, so serve, and think nothing of it
If you never got arrested for smoking pot and have no record of it, as long as it's not in your system, the FBI won't find out about it. Your recruiter will tell you not to say anything to the doctors at MEPS because you'll open up a whole can of worms. You already signed your contract and if you go back and say you lied they'll get you for fraudulent enlistment. Just keep your mouth shut, you're fine. And you're lucky you landed an intel job, by the way. Those are hard to come by. Don't screw it up.
MEPS wont care.

The real problem is that you are going to Intel and will require a Top Secret Security Clearance. They will investigate your background and interview your friends. Can you guarantee your friends wont say anything?

You best bet it to tell the investigators. It will require more paperwork and cause headaches for the investigators. As long as you can show it was not a pattern of drug use and you are not hiding it, you will still get your clearance.

If you lie about it, and they find out in the investigation process, you will not get your clearance and go needs of the Navy as far as your new MOS. Overall, honesty is the best policy with security clearance investigations. They want to know its not a pattern and that something isn't on your conscious that someone could use to blackmail you for secrets.

I knew a guy how did drugs for 10 years, cleaned himself up and stayed clean for 5 years, enlisted, was honest about his drug use and got his clearance because he didn't hide anything. You just did some experimenting, should be a lot easier then his.

Its best to do this early. If you do it later, you could be stuck at Basic Training for a while because you will not be able to ship to AIT if your interim clearance is not approved.
Stick to your original story. Remember, Don't ask don't tell works for a lot of different things.
Just keep quiet about it, and you should be fine.

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