Monday, December 28, 2009

Would haircut would look best? Really need your advice! (pics)?

Ok Im female in my twenties and have never been able to get nice hair whatever I do it always ends up a disaster and looks bad. Im not exactly the best of looking im small and have a small face but people tell me to grow my hair yet I don't think long hair suits me, I think it looks best in a bob (like in the last pic)

My hair is naturally wavy (like in the first 2 horrible pics lol) and id like to keep it wavy but i think that growing it long will just make it look even messier. I just don't know what to do I spent loads on getting it cut, use serums, curl enhancers, sprays but it always looks aweful ive not a clue why or what im doing wrong. maybe some hair is just meant to look bad?

Just need some advice really i think it looks best chin length and wavy but then people say i look like a lad lol. If I grow it long to shoulder length it will just make my face look longer and thinner. Its already layered. Here are some pics how would you have it and what am i doing wrong? Is it just me thats not styling it right? haircut would look best? Really need your advice! (pics)?
Ok... 1 word diffuser. its an attachment that you put on your hair dryer... it uses heat to bring out your natural curls. I would reccomend a defrizzer and a shine inhancer. actually though in the 3rd picture i think you look beautiful. your eyes are gorgeous....i would use some browns to inhance your overall look(brown makeup) but your hair....diffuser they have them pretty much anywhere Target is great...good luck...hope your ordeal works out for the best...

PS: Your right your hair does look cute in a bob...short hair just works best on some people...your one of them.Would haircut would look best? Really need your advice! (pics)?
let it grow out some and striaghten itt?

i really dont know :/

like i know alot of people with reallly looong like super thick sper curly hair and it looks pretty.

you could get extensions? haha im sorry im probably not helping you at all
Alright. You might not get the best answer from me, I am only a 15 year old wanna-be hairstylist, but I am going to give it a try.

Your hair looks nice. And hair is NEVER meant to be bad. What you need to find is your face shape. That can determine what hair style you want. Check out this website.

Also, try different products. Try making it curler. I find gel and mouse give me a lot of curl.
If you want chin length hair then I like the third pic. But I think if you kept it wavy and grew it out to like shoulder-blade length then it would look good.If not, then you can just cut and straighten it.

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