Monday, December 28, 2009

Need Help... hit my best friend and need advice

Background is I met my three friends whilst working at an insurance company last year and we became very close. One of the girls came on holiday with me (my Mum paid as she couldn't afford it) and she was my best friend.

I left that job to start another and she never calls me, emails me or arranges to meet up - I always have to call her and make the effort. I mentioned this to her and said I was hurt but she brushed it off saying she does it to all her friends and I shouldn't take it so personally. I was angry but let it go as I didn't want to argue.

My Dad was recently diagnosed with cancer and I ahve been under a lot of pressure lately. I asked my best friend to come on holiday with me and my parents to a lovely villa in Portugal and she accepted, only to cancel on me a few weeks before we were due to fly out (she didn't give a specific reason).

Last Friday me and my other three friends went out for lunch as we do every Friday. Me and my friend began to argue over something small and all my anger an frustration built up and as we both stood up to confront each other I smacked her on the cheek. I didn't mean to, it was a gut reaction I couldn't stop. I've never done anything like that before and I was in shock all weekend.

She hasn't spoken to me since and I've emailed her and asked my friends to see how she is. I know my reaction was wrong and I am living with the guilt as my punishment.

Any advice?

Need Help... hit my best friend and need advice
Well in any situation physical abuse isnt really the best thing. But it seems like you said that you were/are under a lot of pressure and although it may not be the best excuse to your friend, it is YOUR excuse. I think you should just try to sit down with your friend and try to explain to her that your just need her to be there for you at your time of need right now...she should understand and also understand that slapping her in the face was an act of sorrow for your struggles right now. If she doesnt forgive you or doesnt try to comfort you than I think you should ask her where your friendship really stands...Need Help... hit my best friend and need advice
just give it time. but also, re-evaluate your friendship and decide if she really is a friend. it sounds to me that she's only a friend when she wants to be.

I've Done This Before! She Wouldn't Talk To Me The Rest Of The Day. Until We GOt In The Car And We Both Looked At Each Other And Said '; Friends? '; We Are Still Friends Now, But We Have Been Having On And Off Friendship. And The Only Reason That Is Is Because She Is Friends With Someone I Hate! ANd She Says That Nothing Will Happen Between Me And Her. But I Know That There Will Be. I'm Sorry About Your Dad. But The Best Thing To Do Is Plan Another Lunch Date At The Same Place And At The Same Time That You Hit Her, And Try To Relive That Moment Like Nothing Happened.

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