Thursday, December 31, 2009

I am in love with my best friend and need advice. Any ideas?

Hello everyone!

I am very confused and in need of advice. I am totally in love with my best friend. I am a 23 year old (woman) and have known him since I was 12. At one point or another, we have had feelings for each each other since freshman year of high school. In high school, he was the one who wanted me to be his girlfriend but I was not ready for that at the time.

Being in college, and now college graduates, it seems like most of the feelings come from me, although he seems interested as well at times. Last year, he moved three hours away and we still keep in contact. When we see each other, things are great! We go to dinner, the movies, clubbing, or just hang out at his place.

It seems that if something was going to happen between us, it already would have. But when we hang out, I definately still feel sparks and other people notice there is something there also. We never talk about our feelings for each other. Finally in December, I asked him if anything was ever gonna happen between us and he said that at that time, he was not in a position to do it whole-heartedly and he wouldn't want to be with me unless it was whole-heartedly. He told me that he is emotionally attracted to me.

However, his actions don't fully support that. I know he has been busy in his life lately but I feel like I am the one making an effort to talk. I saw him a couple days ago and we went to dinner and he was giving me compliments like ';You look amazing, your hair looks amazing, and your eyes are amazing.'; During conversation, I mentioned that I am the kind of person who demands respect. Then he shook his body because he got the chills. I asked him why he had the chills and he said, ';because I will marry the woman who demands respect.';

Being super confused, I attempted to talk with him about it. I told him that I am confused because I don't know how to take some of the things he tells me. I told him I didn't know if he was being nice and giving me compliments at dinner and simply making conversation or if he meant those things in a romantic way. He got nervous being on the spot and said '; I guess I need to be more careful on what I say. I meant that as giving compliments and making conversation.';

I am out of ideas and can't make him talk about his feelings if he doesn't want to. BUt he does treat me differently than his other friends as he pays for everything, opens the car door, and talks about the future and marriage (in general). I am tired of not knowing what he thinks and I need advice. Sorry bout the length but comments or insights will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! :)I am in love with my best friend and need advice. Any ideas?

SHE'S AMAZING i saw her on a commercial and when my best friend and i were fighting SHE GAVE ME AMAZING ADVICE

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