Monday, December 28, 2009

Best shape possible by next friday!! advice?

I have lifeguard training for the next 2 weekends and im freaking out!

I have to swim 500 meters nonstop and i know im not in great shape....what can i do in the next week to atleats have a chance? Im strong jsut dont have much endurance!

Help!Best shape possible by next friday!! advice?
Carb-up the night before the 500m. Drink plenty of water everyday for full cellular hydration.Best shape possible by next friday!! advice?
If you want endurance you need to do a few things.

1. Buy a jump rope and jump rope everyday for at least 30 minutes!

2. Lift light weights and do a lot of repositions probably around 15-20. Do as many sets as you can do.

3. Push ups, squats, sit ups will help you build endurance if you do them enough times a day plus just those three exercise can be done in your room on the floor and its pretty much a full body workout.
i have no idea.. but good luck! maybe try going to the gym and hiring a personal trainer? at my area they have personal trainers offered to gymanst and people who to extra curricular activities like you... i use to have a personal trainer... i dont need one anymore though.
Jump on an exercise trampoline for half an hour every day. I have been working out for months and got the best results from that darn trampoline!!! Good luck on getting the job.
go to your local swimming pool, and swim swim swim. also, do some tredmill.

i did life guard training to. so i feel your pain!
just practice alot . swim as long as you can
okuy ay first of all calm down . then go buy some coke right before your training and u will have great endurance:)
It's kinda too late. Should have prepared in advance by getting your booty off the PC
Go for a swim.
run every day. lift some weights cuz that helps you burn calories even when you're not working out.
really hard to shape that easly good luck

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