Thursday, December 31, 2009

My mother hates my best friend to death? advice?

Ok; so here's what's going on. MY MOTHER HATES MY BEST FRIEND. And with a reason. She has a reputation of a ****; %26amp; i hate to say it but is kind of true. She's also a drop out and her boyfriend is a drug dealer. My mother doesn't want her in my house or me hanging out with her; am 18 by the way so she can't really tell me who to hang out with, but this is her house and I must respect that. How can I tell my best friend I don't wanna be best friends with her anymore and not to visit me? This is so hard Idk what to do ! HELP!My mother hates my best friend to death? advice?
Well, is it you that doesnt want to be best friends or are you just complying with your mother?

If its a matter of you not wanting to be best friends then you just need to tell her that, and give her the reasons why. Dont expect it to go well, because it wont. But if you really want this person out of your life then this is what needs to be done.

If it's just your mother that has a problem and you need to tell your friend that she can no longer come to the house then I suggest you push the burden on your mother. Get your friend on the phone and tell your mother that if she doesnt want this girl in her house then she needs to tell the girl herself.

It's all about honesty. You cant beat around the bush. Just tell it like it is.My mother hates my best friend to death? advice?
You don't need to drop your friend completely, just tell her that her current choices (dropping out, dating a drug dealer) have made impossible for you to hang out with her. Tell her you will be there for her if she decides to change. I had to stop hanging out with one of my friends from high school for the same reason he ended up stealing from me and my parents before I did anything about it, so don't feel bad.
Respect your mother in her house. It's her job to protect you and she probably feels that she is doing this by objecting to your friends.

But children will be children and at your age you have the right to choose your own path even if it's the wrong one.
With your voice. Your mother is a great mom and shows that she cares a lot about you buy keeping her out of the house. You need to follow through by ending the relationship, you will be thought of the same way if you continue the friendship. sori : (
tell her she needs to get rid of her boy friend he i a looser and she needs to change tell her i love ya i cant stand your boy friend he is a dealer and its taking you down im not going down with aether of you !!!!!!!!
The reason you mom dislikes her is because you can get hurt.Also you never know she might set something up in your house.Just tell her the truth.

Just tell her that ';I can't be your friend anymore. I can't keep up with you.';

And walk away.

Its gonna be hard but thats life.
Jut tell her that you really like her but for personal reasons you cant be her friend,

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