Monday, December 28, 2009

Fighting with best friend. need some advice please.?

me and my best friend have been fighting ALOT lately, but we usually make up about like 30 mins after, but now im just sick of fighting. I pushed EVERYONE away to become friends with her, and we have every class together so i see her all day so i basically stuck with her and she stuck with me and it was just the two of us. Well she just got back together with her boyfriend and it seems like he is ALL she cares about and we've talked about it before but we just end up fighting so i avoid the subject but its getting so tiring, and i dont know what to do. It feels like were drifting, and no i cant talk to her about this cause we just end up fighting. It feels like she just doesnt care anymore. Is it cause we just see each other too much? i dont know what to do anymore.

help me.

oh and when we fight IM always the one to apologize, she just acts like she doesnt care.

should i let the fight keep going, or apologize next time. cause i just dont know.

I dont wanna lose her cause she means alot to me, but im sick of it.

She denies it all, but it does seem like she just doesnt care anymore.Fighting with best friend. need some advice please.?
maybe you should do to her what she is doing to you. and see how she likes it

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