Monday, December 28, 2009

Me and my best friend are fighting, advice?

Well Mikaela has been my best friend since 5th grade. Her next door neighbor is like her brother, his name is Brad. Their families go back for generations. Brad and I really like eachother. We went out for a while and during that time he was so sweet and we were really flirty and comfortable with eachother, But me and Mickey's best friend relationship went way down. So it started getting awkward for me to hanging out with him and her at the same time. So I started ignoring him and I just found out he has another girlfriend. I'm really mad but not at him, I hate to say it but I'm more mad at myself and to go even further, there's a part of me that's mad at Mickey for not supporting mine and Brad's relationship in the first place. If she would have been happy for me, me and Brad would still be together right now, no doubt. Is it wrong for me to feel that way? If he asks me out again should I say yes making myself happy or should I say no to keep Mikaela happy and to keep our friendship?Me and my best friend are fighting, advice?
Well, in your case, Mikaela has known Brad for the longest time and she has known you for a long time too. It seems that her friendship with Brad is just as important and her friendship with you. When a romance sparks in between friendships, it becomes awkward and you cannot enjoy it entirely unless you get rid of someone. So, you can enjoy a relationship with Brad if you begin to step away from Mikaela. Or you can enjoy a continuing friendship with Mikaela if you forget about Brad. Since Brad has a girlfriend already, then you should get the BIG CLUE coming right at you, which is that Brad can have you and many other girls but you can always have Mikaela. That's very important. Your friendship over a small romance is not worth it in the end. So go ahead and make your relationship with Mikaela stronger by both or you going out to look for boyfriends. That is a way that both of you can bond and be on the same page. Leave Brad to make a new acquaintance with new girls and if he comes back to you, make sure it is not to interefere between your friendship again with Mikaela.Me and my best friend are fighting, advice?
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say yes if you really like him, and she isnt a good freind anyway if she wont respect that.

i think she likes him too.....

you should talk to her and ask

i mean that is like the only way
well, get over it put it in the past!
If she really is your true friend, she would support you no matter who you go out with as long as you are happy. =]
I think that you should say yes but make sure that you have equal time with him and with your friend. Like a shedule. You know what I am sayin?

Hope everything goes well!
In a way Im kinda in your boat too, I am finally together with this guy taht I have really liekd for the last tw yaers, but my best friend doesnt liek him. She puts him down all the time, eevn in fornt of him. So he doesnt like to hang out with her or vis versa, I feel like its killing me and my friends relationship, so I talked about it to anotehr close friend of both of us. And she gave me good advice. No matter what you go through your friend is your friend and will always be there for you. It doesnt matter if she likes who your dating, you probaly wont like a few guys she oes out with, she just needs to suck it up and be happy for you. As for you bf, if he asks you out again, give a little time to think it about it. And if your 100% sure tahts what you want, then go for it.And if your best friend is turly your best friend, she will get over it, and be happy for you too. ^_^
if she were your friend she would support any decision that u make-telling u how they feel but supporting your decision. u really have no reason 2 be mad at her. just talk 2 her sheis your best friend and ya'll should be able 2 sit down and discuss stuff like mature adults.
if she was anything if a real friend she would understand. And remember you come first she may be your best friend but any day she could turn her back on you and you'll be sitting there thinking i never went for it cause of her and now what... Soo ya if he ever ask's you again say YA...

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