Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ugghh need advice from girls 10 pointss best answer?

okay i liked this girl for a few months and she knows we been friends for awhile though, she has a boy shes getting with not a b/f yet, hes comming with her to my party 2morrow i asked on aim to see his myspace, she wouldnt show me it she wouldnt send me the link, so i asked why and she said theres something on there you would give me crap about, (shes talked about me on her friends myspace before) i dont have a myspace, but she said it's not about me, im thinking its pictures of them together maybe something innapropriate idk shes 16 this kids 15, but i wanted to ask what it maybe, whats your guess, now shes saying ';it's nothing'; i said how is it nothing? whats the problem then? she said';there is none'; i said can i see it? she says ';no'; i sed why if theres no problem and she keeps playing games lol so help me out what is she hiding on her boy toys myspace? lolUgghh need advice from girls 10 pointss best answer?
ok im a guy but i can answer this for you man just play it cool and dont act suspecious i know you like her just wait until her and her bf break up but wait for a few days after she breaks up not exactly after or sheil get annoyed with all the guys asking so a few days after they break upUgghh need advice from girls 10 pointss best answer?
omg i takled to a seanathan on the phone how funny...
prob either pics that would a)embarrass her, b) r inappropriate,

or she wrote something that she wouldnt want u to see

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