Monday, December 28, 2009

10 pts for best answer. Desperate for advice.?

I was wit a boy 4 a yr but broke up. He went wit another girl they broke up we got back 2gether then he told me we need 2 put our relationship on hold 4 rite now cause him and the gurl he use 2 b wit got back 2gether he said they weren't getting along. Then he said when school starts after summer is over %26amp; their not 2gether we wuld get back 2gether. He said I will never cheat on u. Thats y he decided 2 put it on hold. I'm glad he didn't cheat on me it showed he cared..sum wat. Then another boy I wanted 2 go wit said he liked me %26amp; I asked did he want 2 go wit me he said he wasn't ready 4 a relationship %26amp; asked 2 wait until school starts I said no. He always brag bout how he has girls constantly calling his phone. I can't find no other boys cause these 2 r the only 1 that I had considered but the rest of the boys are best friends. I luv my ex so much %26amp; after all we done been through I stil want him, but wat r sum things that can make an ex want u back even if he has a g/f.10 pts for best answer. Desperate for advice.?
honestly? if you tried to get him back, it really isnt fair to his gf, would you want someone doing that to youu ? when he is ready to break up with her and go to you he will. just give it time, if it is meant to be it will happen. =p10 pts for best answer. Desperate for advice.?
I dont get it.

and try writing properly.
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