Thursday, December 31, 2009

Advice please!!! 10 points to best answer!!thanks!!?

I am a sophmore in high school. i am in all honers classes and am very music/art inclined.

right now, i feel like my look does not fit me COMPLETLY! i dont even like to look at myself! I feel like a mature college student. I sing at many events and have been offered various music and art jobs. My only set back are my looks that make me look like a 13 year old girl.

Some of these pics are a bit old, right now my hair is a little below my shoulders. I have naturally very BIG hair, almost afro type, i straighten it or put in curl gel to tame it.

PLEASE give me advice on how to make my look more unique, sophisticated, mature, and bring out my artistic side.

Any suggestions for makeup,, haircuts, and colors would be appreciated greatly! Photos would be great also!

thanks a bunch in advance!

here are a few of my pics…Advice please!!! 10 points to best answer!!thanks!!?
you look really pretty but i would agree on the maturing of your look, try light black eye liner on your eye lids(not too dark) and do what i do put on a darker shade of lip stick and then put clear lip gloss over it so that you wont look to mature, and get a tan you look a little on the pale side i advise you to get a tan lotion, and last but not least since your hair is naturally curly embrace it by retouching your curls and bang, follow these tips and you will be Ms. matureAdvice please!!! 10 points to best answer!!thanks!!?
well, I can't see your pic cause it's blocked on mah computer. May I suggest...


...and a chunky pearl neclace and pearl bracelets to finish it off.

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you are very pretty! you have great full hair and a natural beauty that i'd kill for. (beauty mark, full lips, rosy cheeks, clear skin) you got it girl. work it out! i dont know what kind of 13 year olds you know..
I really don't see anything wrong with what you look like? The only thing I'd point out is you need to wax your've got that light hair that goes past your inner eye (your brows shouldn't extend further than the inner corner of your eye). Maybe different pictures should be put up?
Bad link doll.
you are very pretty. I would agree with the brow thing also some highlights
the link doesnt work
u link doens't work. i can't c ur pic

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