Thursday, December 31, 2009

The only older guy? best answer if good advice?

Im under 18 first off. There is this guy in his mid 20's that I spend time with hang out and have sex with him. well I asked him how long we could continue to hook up and he said just as long as we are both without a mate haha. We arnt in a bf/gf, because i mean how ******* dangerous would that be. I didnt plan on liking him at first I just used him for sex. Id do anything for him. I normaly get sick of guys in like 2 months(been doing this 4 longer thn tht). Hes charming,laid back, funny, smart, and a jackass. we have same traits. Do U think I should give him up because hes older? or just keep secretive till 18. Iknow it is horrible that im doing it, but even my friends think hes awsome haha ^-^The only older guy? best answer if good advice?
If you really like him, dont give him up because your underage. just do what feels best :D Good luckThe only older guy? best answer if good advice?
I think you should just leave him alone and move on to someone who is around your age because some older guys try to use you for only one thing only.

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