Thursday, December 31, 2009

I fancy my boyfriends best friend I need advice help!!!!?

my boyfriend is nice, he always tells me how much he likes me but he rarely comes to see me although he only lives down the road.

My boyfriends friend is really nice too and I have known him for 13 years we are also very good friends we always talk to each other and have a good laugh. We have lots in common. He told me he likes me and that my bf is bad because he never comes to see me.

I know this is mean to my bf but I kinds have a crush on his friend but I don't no way to do. Should I tell him I feel the same way or should I leave it and carry on seeing my bf?

Please help I am so confused !?!!!!!

Thank you xxxI fancy my boyfriends best friend I need advice help!!!!?
What feeling is stronger the one towards your boyfriend or the one towards his friend?

It's natural for people to fancy others that they aren't in a relationship with, just think about whether it's worth giving up your relationship for him and also how this would affect your bf and his mate's friendship.I fancy my boyfriends best friend I need advice help!!!!?
You should take some time to figure out if you like your bfs friend more then you like your bf because what if you choose your bfs friend over him and it was the wrong choice think it over and do what your heart says is right.
I wouldn't disclose any information to neither one right now.. I was in that same situation.. I was going w/ my ex and his best friend liked me... I knew his best friend b4 I knew my ex and I was suppose 2 date him, but I ended up working w/ him and I don't mix business w/ pleasure... Apparently he is not his bf if he is pushing up on his girlfriend... I would say be very CAUTIOUS of your choice... U could be ruining a friendship or end up w/ no one... Just think of the pros and cons... U may just b saying that because of the extra attention his bf is showing you.. I would wait 4 a while and if the feelings continue, i would just go w/ my heart.. because I always say, ';If its meant to be then it will be.';..


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