Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ok 10 points to the best anser i need advice?

ok i known this girl since preschool were both in 8th grade. so we are on on the same soccer team . during pratice she said she was going to tackel or trip me. and called me a jerk a cuple times. but later she said shes too nice to tackel or trip me. the nexst day we had a game and she five fived me and only me. it was raining hard during the game but when she was leaveing she said bye to only me wich was strange becouse no one els bye or anything and every one jest left exspect me becouse i need to stay there in the rain for anther hour. we go to the same school but we dont have any classes together and no one is outgoing in my school like when they like people most is shy like me

does she like me and what should i do?Ok 10 points to the best anser i need advice?
Yeah she probably does, because a way a girl flirts with a guy is sometimes calling him names and stuff like that, but also trying to get you to pay attention to her by high fiving and all that. If you like her, you should flirt back and then ask to her hang out after a game. If you don't, then just act like a friend.Ok 10 points to the best anser i need advice?
yeh i think she likes you :)

I think the jerk part was only a joke!

i think you should ask her out! Or if your to shy start flirting with her and see where it goes from there!

Good luck!
sounds like it and if you like her ask her to go out somewhere on a date

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