Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ill pick someone for the best answerrrr<3333333. Help/advice plz. Wayyy confused. and are conversationVV?

Well ill try to make this as short as possible. There is this guy name vince that i like and he told me a few times that he likes me too and he flirts w/ me all the time on there. The reason why were not going out is because I got held back:[ so he said that he would of already asked me out if i went to his high school but right now we would never see eachother:[ And he said plus we never hung out before. And well we vince has been trying to hang out w/ me.. Like on friday he tried but it dint work out. And vince asked me if i think this would work out? Because he can never find a time to hang out:[ and i just told him that idk.

And well now im rlly confused because there is this guy name Brandon that likes me. And Vince knows that brandon had told me that he likes me. Vince had told me before that he is jealous. And well heres are conversation of me and vince. Me ';I just told brandon that me %26amp; him should be friends';, Vince: ';its okay if u like understand:)we can be friends its okay, and u can go out w/him, its fine.just as long as we stay friends:)'; Me: ';

well i just dont like him like that and hes ok with just being friends so its all good. :)'; Vince: ';rikki. u dont have to tell me those things.i know u like him i can tell by the comments. its really okay, we can just be friends too:)'; Me: well u sound like u would just want to be friends w/ me:( And lol i honestly dont like him like that. Me and him have been friends for awhile. And vince replied this morning saying ';well if thats only if u want it that way, if your happy, im happy:)%26lt;3 well okay..haha:] And i feel like a total ***** because i replied back saying ';wow. lol well it doesn't matter to me anymore'; And do u think that was mean of me to say?? Should i send him another message saying: Hey sorry about that last message i sent you, that was a ***** of me to say. And well.. i like you and you know i like you but it seems like u just want to be friends. so idk its up to you. So do u think i should write that?. helppIll pick someone for the best answerrrr%26lt;3333333. Help/advice plz. Wayyy confused. and are conversationVV?
if you really believe that this relationship is special then just let him know you want to see him and then explain it to him and make sure to leave the sarcasm out of it.Ill pick someone for the best answerrrr%26lt;3333333. Help/advice plz. Wayyy confused. and are conversationVV?
yeah say that thats good. gl!
I dont think you should tell him that was a ***** of you to say, but I think you should ask him what he wants and tell him that you like him and not Brandon. Because one of two things ould be happening, he either really just wants you to pick and thinks you like the kid, or...he just wants to ne friends and thats his way of telling you. But given everything that youve said I would go with the first one. I think he just wants you to pick one, and not string along both, even if your not doing that he may think you are. So I would just ask him again if he likes you and tell him that you really like him too, and want to try and make you two work. Dont even mention brandon, and hopefully he will get the hint that he should ask you out already.
ok here is the thing:

the reason why people get confused is b/c they beat around the bush too much. what you need to come right out and say is,'; look i like you a lot and i want to go out with YOU, not brandon. he is a cool friend, but i just dont like him like that, i only like you.'; he needs to hear that and just be really forward, guys like that a bunch.

good luck sweetie
Well don't send him that text message.

He seems to be sending mixed signals... ';I like you';... ';I just want you to be happy';... ';We can just be friends too';...

You need to confront him, these games need to stop!

Maybe you can both join a club or something so that you can have fun and see each other.
Wow, you really like vince, You are just thinking of brandon because you know you can date him, but you wont have feelings for him like Vince. Tell Vince you are sorry for what happened earlier and that Brandon is not the guy you want. And when Vince says its okay you can date him if you want, You will say: No babe, I wouldn't do that to you, I care for you to much... then you will have a love story to tell.

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