Thursday, December 31, 2009


Okay In Febuary One Of My Friends Startedd Texting Me And He Said He Liked Me And Stuff That He Was Gay And I Told Him To Prove It Was Him He Took A Picture Of Himself And Called Me But I Ignored The Call Because I Thought It Was A Joke But Later I FOund Out It Wasn't When We Went To School He Acted As If Nothing Had Happned So I Thought It Was A Joke And Over Or Whatever But Then Out Of The Blue In March He Calls Me And Asked Me Out I Said No But We Still Talked He Called Me The Whole Weekend Exept Sunday He Ignored My Texts I Honestly Thinks He Was Drinking When He Did It Or Does Not Remember Or Feel This Way At All Everytime I Text Him He Hardley Often Replys And Now I Think He Is Talking To This Other Dude He Was Like ';Yeah I'll See You Later And I Lost YOur Number What Is It'; Sometimes I See Him Looking At Me In Class Not As Much As Before I Honestly Wanna Know If It Was The Alchol Talking, All A Joke Or What I Think I'm Bi And Really Do Like Him What Should I Do? Have I Spoiled My Chances? I Don't Want Anyone To Know Should I Just Tell Him When School Gets Out So He Cant Spread It Around School Or Do It ASAP?PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!! (10 POINTS BEST ANSWER) I NEED ADVICE ASAP!?
if i wasn't forced to read Every Single First Letter Of Every Single Word Capitalized In Your Paragraph, I Would Actually Try To Answer Your Question.

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