Monday, December 28, 2009

I need advice! i will choose best answer!?

My best friend is also my boss. He said his daughters birthday is coming up, and that i HAVE to get her something, but I dont have enough money to!

he ALSO said that fathers day is coming up and that he expects me to buy him something, in which i have NO MONEY!

and when it was my birthday or my brothers he didn't buy me or them ANYTHING

and he just expects me to buy him something!

what do you think i should do?!I need advice! i will choose best answer!?
He's a douche if he's serious. If he won't buy you a gift I wouldn't spend more than 5 dollars on either of them. You have a spine use it.I need advice! i will choose best answer!?
This sounds like your best friend/boss and you have a very one sided relationship. I would get his daughter an inexpensive ($5 or $10) gift. He's your boss, he pays your wages and knows better than anyone how much money you don't have. How can he expect you to by him a father's day gift? I wouldn't get him anything and if he brings it up, ie: ';where's my gift?'; I would say, ';You were serious? I thought you must be joking.'; If this is what you consider your ';best friend'; I'd hate to see what your enemy's are like. Stick up for yourself, if you don't, no one will. good luck!!
Tell him you can't afford to buy presents for anyone and then don't. If you want to you can offer to bake a cake or do something to help in the celebrations but only if you truly want to. You have no obligation what so ever to buy gifts for his family members. Give him the appropriate greeting card and let that be that.
First i would send him this link in an email. then i would get him the stuff he asks for and then as your giving it to him, tell him you put these gifts on a credit card and you need a raise to help pay it off. if he feels its ok to guilt you for gifts then do the same right back. i bet you he wont ask for things in the future. good luck
Why would you buy your BOSS a Father's Day gift?

Sounds like a pretty selfish friend.

If he's demanding gifts for his family, I'd tell him that you need a raise to afford to lavish him and his family with gifts!
You should only get him something if you choose to. It is not up to him to make you buy him something, that is your choice and he has no right to choose for you. Best of luck...
You need to talk to him. Sit him down, and explain your situation to him. Hopefully if he is really a good friend, he'll understand.
just tell him straight you don't have enough money (he might give you a raise lol)

also he aint your dad try expaining to him how fathers day works !
If he's your BEST friend, it shouldn't be a problem explaining how your strapped for cash?

Being he's the boss though, I'd make every effort to make him happy.
tell him you don't have money and ask him why because he has never done such a thing for you.
If he isn't your father why is he asking for a present? That is ridiculous. Get small gifts, like under $10.
u could explain your situation, and give him something homemade

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