Monday, December 28, 2009

I need college advice?...Please help. (10 pts best answer)?

Okay Appalachian State University

I want to go to this college in Boon,North Carolina called Appalachian State University and I don't think I have what it takes. My high school average is a 73.49% and I am in my junior year(11th grade). Is this a hard school to get into? Is it to late for me? I really like that school. Does anyone go there?I need college advice?...Please help. (10 pts best answer)?
From looking at their freshman profiles it seems like the lowest Gpa students had was atleast a 2.5 (75%). Which means you would be on the far lower side of applicants. Also the school is pretty selective 65% acceptance rate.

If you really want to go to App State, you can raise your gpa by taking summer courses at a community college. I know people that have raised their gpa from a 70.2% (2.02) to a 3.1 in one summer, but that matters on how much you want to go there.

Otherwise you could look into a University that is easier to get accepted into such as Arizona State, West Virginia University, Evergreen State, etc.

Or you could go to a community college after high school, and transfer to Appalachian State after a year or 2

Good Luck!I need college advice?...Please help. (10 pts best answer)?
it shouldnt matter if its hard to get into. the thing that really matters is how good your doing in school.if your grades are dropping during your junior year u can say goodbye to that university cus colleges mostly look at your junior year grades and its not too late so if you start now and bump up ur grades than u can have a chance of getting into that university.good luck!

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