Monday, December 28, 2009

Anyone have any advice on getting a best answer?

i try my hardest.Anyone have any advice on getting a best answer?
I give the best advice I can and only to the q's that I can relate to. One girl was having problems with her grandma and I told her to listen to her and to cherish every moment since she has been through alot more life and she won't be around for much longer in the grander scheme of things!

Anyway I was picked best answer not because I said what she wanted to hear but because I could relate to her situation and recipricate the best and honest solution. Which ofcourse I hope she took me up on!

So when giving advise and answers just to your best and you should be fine! Good Luck!Anyone have any advice on getting a best answer?
Answer lots of questions.
Yes, it's true that to get a best answer, you should answer questions that you do have knowledge about and experience with. But I have another idea.

How about answering questions that really you find extremely interesting, compelling, fascinating - that you just know this is the question you were born to answer. You just know that this is the question you have been waiting all your life to answer. If the question, meets your criteria, then throw caution to the win. Answer the question with all your heart, mind, soul, sincerity, experience and expertise. In other words, give it everything you got.

You wrote ';i try my hardest';. I'm sure you do and you have my sympathy. No need to try so hard - you just have to find the question that matches you - your inner spirit.

Good luck!
Answer questions in categories that you have a lot of knowledge in, or you know where to find sources to back you up.

Don't answer all your questions in popular questions - the more answers there are, the less chance you have of getting the extra points.

If someone asks several questions in their details, try to answer them all.

If you research your answer, include links so that someone can clarify the information.

Don't write too much information. Most people like to see two or three paragraphs. Anything longer, they may just pass by.
give your answer a lot of thought.

think from the asker's point of view: ';does this answer the question well? is it what I'm looking for? will it help?';

some people are so low that they give dumb answers just to get points
Answer questions you have experience with and just answer from your heart..thats what i do.
Read the answer completely %26amp; respond effiecently. Share the information you know or you found,and give your opinion on the topic as well.

Good Luck %26amp; Best Wishes~

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