Monday, December 28, 2009

I like my best friend a lot advice please!?

Okay. I like my best friend a lot and she's Bi and I'm a lesbian. We are usually pretty close when we hang out with each other. like at school when its break and were outside and its cold or she just wants me to hold we hug for a long time! when ever its time to go back to class she always calls me over to her to give her a hug. And sometimes she will stand in front of me and she will grab my arms and wrap them around her waist. We touch each other a lot and she never seems to mind. But she has an ex boyfriend and i think he still likes her cause when me or anyone else tries to be around her he Just leaves and has this certain look On his face. I don't know do you think she likes me?I like my best friend a lot advice please!?
I have had really bad experience with the whole liking your best friend thing. However, it doesn't mean it'll be bad for you! Find a way to subtly tell your friend that you're into her, and aks for her honest reaction. Or, ask her out to the movies or dinner or somewhere you can be alone, and see what happens. Don't force things, is the best advice I can give. If it's meant to be, it WILL happen, no matter how long it takes. If it's not there, you'll just have to deal with it and move on. Boyfriends are strange, strange creatures. He might feel insulted that his girl ';left him for you'; or something, but don't let it bother you. He's her ex for a reason.I like my best friend a lot advice please!?
hmm well she might have some feelings towards you. i think the best way is to talk to her about it. jsut be honest and truthful and the worst case scenario is that you two will just remain friends. but never know what can happen! best of luck to you
why not test the waters to see if se really feels something for you. if she shows some sign that she doesnt hten you should stop cause you wouldn't wnat ot lose her as your best friend.
first of all i dont see the point in being lesbian, im sorry, but it sounds like she likes u, good luck!
hit on her. if she gives you a weird look or says anything, then just say you were being silly. if not, then go for it!

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