Thursday, December 31, 2009

My ex and i are now best friends.. i need advice!!?

PLEASE DONT JUST SAY UR TOO YUNG TO B IN LOVE. CUZ IVE HEARD IT WAYY TOO MUCH. LOL. my ex and i were goin out for a while. but we argued a lot so we ended up breaking up. he ended up getting a girlfriend. [who is 14 years old lmao] and apparently ';they are so in love'; haa. i told her she didnt know what love is. [im 16 in case u were wondering] even tho im not sure i no wat it is either... anyways me and his girl got into an argument which left me crying.. but my ex told my best friend that his loyalty is always going to be to me.. he tells me he loves me still and that i still mean everything to him and i come first in his life.. we still talk like 3 hours each nite and tell each other everything. so now its kinda like we are best best friends.. but im still in love with the kid.. and idk if us being super super close is good or not?!? HELP PLEASE! = ]My ex and i are now best friends.. i need advice!!?
Well, if u know that u cant be with him anymore, then it's better if u guys r not that close close close. It'll just hurt ur feelings and make u hope high that someday he'll ask u again, which is 50-50. It's better if u guys r friends only. x)

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