Thursday, December 31, 2009

What do British men prefer best in a girl??? Need info/advice please.?

I need some info on dating british guys because i will move to england someday!!!What do British men prefer best in a girl??? Need info/advice please.?
British men are a waste of time. You must look past that accent, they are not that great. All mummy's boys, childish, tight w/money, will only take a girl out to dinner if sex is guaranteed, alcoholics, sexist. They may have a great sense of humour but that is not all that makes a good relationship. Sadly, they are very controlling and look down on Americans in general. I would take a German or Frenchman anyday. I think w/German more so they would be direct, honest even if they do go Dutch at least tehy are more fair to women. French because they have more sense of duty and family.What do British men prefer best in a girl??? Need info/advice please.?
everyone is different,i need honesty,above looks,nice in bed is good too.
I am dating a Britain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
My husband says ';Nice bums and a sense of humour'; - guess I should be flattered!
I lived in England for 6 years. I can tell you one thing....all British guys are momma's boys. So be like a ';mum';. And get used to it because if you find one and stay with him you'll be mothering him for the rest of your life. Best bet is to find an American guy who's living over there. Much better choice.
Some say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach?

Thank God I cook for myself!,some say we are grumpy first thing in the morning before we have had a cup of tea `n` a ciggy,my hands go up there!,as to what we like,we are all different but are beginning to realise that the majority of women these days puts career first before us sensible if you are in no rush to start a family?it`s a good job we are different because if we were all the same life wouldn`t be interesting would it.?Personally as an Englishman I prefer down to earth,honest,natural women, any race creed colour who wish to have an open relationship with a sense of adventure thrown in.
I'm a British guy. We are all different. Oh and by the way we dont all have crooked teeth and talk like the queen by the way! lol. I'm taken but for dating some of my mates all you need is a pulse! hehe
Not all Brits are mummy's boys, I've never allowed my parents to help me in a long time, I'm content with my independence, have been since I was a kid.

What I prefer in a woman is intellect, an understanding of the world and that life isn't like in the movies, my ex believes in that, and that they can't go letting their parents run thier lives for them, my ex is like that and sold herself to her father. And most important of all, not behaving like some spoilt, pampered brat who can't understand that they're not always going to get their own way. Harsh, yes, but it's something that needs to be said.


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