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Advice. what should i do if my best friend is cutting her self?

should i get her help or should i stay out of it?? please helpAdvice. what should i do if my best friend is cutting her self?
I am no psychologist, but - my best friend's girlfriend, who was also my friend (only) used to do that. In her case, she was deep-down ';punishing herself.'; Also - in her case (not necessarily your friend's case!) - this girl had been approached in the wrong way by her grandfather when she was very young, so, again - in her case - this may have been one reason why she felt ';worthless'; and that she deserved some form of ';punishment.'; In your fiend's case, she, too, must be made aware of the fact that she is in no way ';worthless,'; and that she deserves no form of ';punishment'; whatsoever! If she cannot be made to realize this, then my advice would be for someone to get her to professional help! Cutting one's self is not normal, and it should not be ignored !!Advice. what should i do if my best friend is cutting her self?
Idk I'd stay outta it and tell her what an idiot she is but thats just me
get her some bandages
TURN OFF POWER ----------------------------------------鈥? ALLIES HIT THE RED BOTTON ON THE SAW

You are required by law to help and Do first aid get a banad and call 911.
take the knife and hide it.
Tell her to knock it the f*ck off! Tell her you don't like that she does that.
Yes get her help, hopefully her parents if they are sane will have her see a doctor. She's going to keep doing it till someone helps her and could wind up with hideous scars for the rest of her life.
get her some salt and rubbing alcohol

No, tell her parents if you are that concerned. She may hate you but you will be doing the right thing
First off know your friend needs you more (in it) than (staying out of it) because your friend all ready feels out of it in life. Know that there were voices in my past that told me that I had nothing to offer!, I was nothing!, God and Jesus Didn't value me and maybe you should think about what life would be like if you weren't in it because it would be better for everyone!, because this world would be better without you!....I tell you sister! If these are the voices your best friend hears!? Ignore these kind of voices, this second! because this is the deceiver Satan and his legion of evil spirits, who is the father of all lies! I don't know what the voices in her mind are holding against her? Maybe she trying to end the pain from all the lies in her mind by trying to cut herself! Hoping that in cutting herself her pain will stop!? I would encourage your best friend that this is not the answer to her life! DON'T LET HER DARE TRY TO TAKE THE EASY WAY OUT! The Fact is you and her are valued, your life does have a purpose and you and her are very much loved! I too dealt with depression and the one thing that really turned my life around was: 1. Knowing that God and Jesus Loved me and I was valued! 2. Knowing I had people on my side at church, in my social life and in my family that cared about me! and 3. I had to get myself out of the atmosphere that I was in! If all you do is stay in the darkness thinking about how it is never going to get better and think why life is not worth living. But, if you build a personal relationship again with other people and most importantly a relationship with God! Then you will see yourself back with a renewed joy! I would not be telling you this if I had not experienced what your best friend is feeling for myself! Know God loves her, and He wants to come into her life and give her a joy and peace that she could never experience in any other way. Jesus said, ';Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you'; John 14:27. She needs to know: %26gt;%26gt;God created her, and God loves Her!. His only Son, Jesus Christ, loves Her so much that he gave His life on the cross so she could be saved and break free from in perfectness, sin and this depression to become a child of God. She needs to give Jesus all your worries and burdens. When you accept Jesus Christ into your life, something wonderful and supernatural happens. God Himself comes to dwell within you! You become part of His family, and you can know the joy of His presence every day. Go and Pray for your best friend but before you do that ask her to tell you what all the voices she hears in her mind are saying and each time she tells you something negative the voices are saying tell her that the voices she hears are lying! Immediately,Renounce the lie in Jesus Name and tell her that God and Jesus Loves her and tell her to tell the voices in her mind to GO IN JESUS NAME! Right now, I encourage you to invite Jesus into your heart. I don't know what you believe or if you know God or Jesus but I would encourage you to start for your best friend's sake! I will be praying for you and your best friend because I was too once where your best friend is right now and the only way am still alive is because my faith in Jesus saved me and he showed me the better life I could be living if only I put my faith and trust in Him. I encourage you to read a bible right now and then read it to your best friend. Start with the gospel of John! There you will find a story of a man named John the Baptist that paved the way for another man named Jesus that loves you and will bring your best friend guidance and hope to her life, if you and your best friend only look to him and follow him for your life's answers instead of herself! I can't stress enough how I know what your best friend is going though right now and she really needs a change of atmosphere in her life, get her out of the darkness and try to get her to meet new people! A lot of Church's have small groups, special support groups,bible study and some even have single groups. So, I would encourage you and your best friend to do that because it wasn't till I started putting Jesus first before myself that my life started to get better, I had a whole new image of myself and I started to see how much I was really loved and valued in God's eyes. You and your best friend are so loved! You and your best friend have so much to offer! I leave you with a passage from the bible that started to pull me out of the darkness and into the light: Tell this one to your best friend for starters: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make all your paths straight. Prov. 3:5-6. Go to Jesus in prayer and then go to your best friend and pray for her this way! Ask Jesus to lead your heart so you may trust him that everything will be all right and the next step you take will be right in line with what he wants for you in life, and what life is suppose to be like in serving him! and don't forget to renounce all the lies from Satan. In Jesus Name Amen
tell her parents or guardian. I know it makes you feel like a tattle tale but you are doing it because you care about her. she needs help and you can not help her.
Get her help!!

Please talk to her parents or another adult in her family that you trust. If that is not possible, talk to your own parent or older adult.

If you have a school counselor, you may want to talk to her/him.

A piece of advice -your friend will probably be upset w/you for revealing her secret %26amp; your friendship might be tested. But keep in mind that this is going to help her and one day she will be very grateful to you for it.
You should definitely tell someone. Maybe a parent or school counselor that you trust.

Cutting is a serious situation and it's not something you or your friend can handle by themselves. As her friend you have to step up and help her, because she can't make or do that by herself.

Here is a good site for some extra information:鈥?/a>

I wish you and your friend the best of luck!
If you go to school you could talk to your consular, he or she would know what to do.You should say something because if she ever did anything too serous you will probably blame yourself for not saying anything. Oh and one more thing....dont listen to that jesus freak, if you do you will problably end up cutting yourself.
i had the same problem wit a friend of mine but she had 2 go to a medical hospital cuz she had mental problems but anyways get her in trouble take the thing away from her tell sum1 take her to a phycaristist.....u no talk 2 her.....or maybe she's emo lol
If your her best friend what do you think you should do? I would get help. What if your best friend kills her self then what would you do?

All i'm saying is if your her best friend then you should help her.
Tell her parents or someone else with some sort of influence over her. Someone I knew was a cutter that no one knew about. She got blood poisoning and was hospitalized for nearly a month.
Advise her to address the source of her problems, starting with seeing her doctor. Tell her to put a rubber band around her wrist, extend and release, when she feels the need to cut, but only for a few minutes, max., or draw a red line across her wrist. Write down the following, and give her a copy: Phone 1800 dont cut (.com/selfinjury.html) %26amp; http://www.palacenet/~llama/psych/ (psych/injury.html) %26amp; Join at [free]. Click on ';groups'; in an upper toolbar, select ';other'; and search for a suitable one that you can show her, or she can pick one, maybe changing later, possibly exchanging IM, email addresses, or phone numbers (caution advised). Also Yahoo; groups %26amp; Google; groups are options.
Help her stop hating herself and wanting to do self-harm.
There is very little you can do. There are many reasons a person would choose to cut. If she is not an adult, I agree that you should talk to her parents or your school counselor.

I am a ';cutter'; though I haven't in quite some time. In order for me to get to a space where I don't feel I need to do that, I needed help, though I resisted it a lot at first. She needs to talk to a professional counselor.

I've known people who like me said it wasn't attempting suicide as that wasn't the goal of their cutting. Unfortunately, even without intent, many cut too deep just that one time and die.

It does NOT get better. I believe it to be similar to addiction. I believe every cut gets worse, and while it can VERY temporarily relieve pressure, it will get worse and worse until she gets help. I could not stop while I was actively gutting.

If your friend has confided in you about this, she has taken a step. She is reaching out to you, not matter how ';tough'; she might be and I don't think you should ';stay out of it';.

Again, there are going to be a LOT of emotions around this. She may be very angry with you should you choose to tell someone.

Your job though in life is to take care of you first or you are no help to others. Consider how it would feel if you do nothing and the worst happens.
Help her. That is what friends do, they help each other. Get her help as soon as possible.
Just b a friend 2 her right now.Yur friend probly feels so alone.

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