Monday, December 28, 2009

Boy advice. Please help me you really should!!!! best answer 10 points?

how do i tell my boyfriend i dont want to go out with him any more?

i am just getting board with him but i dont want to say that cause he might chuck one of his fits!!! how do i tell him with out acually telling him? i just want it to be over!!!

please help me best answer chosen asapBoy advice. Please help me you really should!!!! best answer 10 points?
i dont care if you dont give me best anwser but listn to me you never know tell him to e a little more excitting or just tell him that you dont feel the same about him anymoreBoy advice. Please help me you really should!!!! best answer 10 points?
Tell him that you have to focus on more important things, like work, school and are going through a tough time and you have to take a break from him for a while now because you can't deal with so much at once. Tell him that you'll keep in touch but having a bf right now isn't the best idea. Not letting him go completely but dumping him in a nice way. I dumped my ex like this, we're friends, we're both happy and we both moved on.
theres never an easy way 2 break up with any1, trust me i know....been there and done that plenty of times, everything ALWAYS ends badly or it wouldnt end at all, right. U can however, start off by telling him how u feel FIRST then at the finish line u could end it by saying, im sorry but u and i just r not clicking and i think its best we dont see 1 another anymore, and dont try 2 make me change my mind bc my mind is set and that is what i want, im sorry but we are done.
Just tell him

1) you want your freedom,

2) you don't feel it's working out

3) that you would like to hang out with your friends more often

4) you want to devote your life to becoming a Nun (just kidding)

Or some 'realistic' variation of the above
.. say you have to focus on other things...that way you are not say '; hey dude ur boring its over'; oh and avoid playin games (not sayin u do) but like things like trying to get him to dump u first cuz what if he doesnt want to break it off..then ur stuck waiting. say you want some space...u want to focus on school sports of something on that hand.. you know?
you show him this video, in a same time you tell him you like girls most now....

grow some balls and tell him it's over.
its not you, its me line


the truth


my feelings have changed for you.

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