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What Pro-tools & Computer Combo is best for me!? (I NEED EXPERT ADVICE, BIG POINTS!!!)?

Whats up ya'll, I've heard a lot of things like Pro-tools not being compatible with vista etc. basically I just need a simple answer so I can take action. I have around $2000-2500 to spend on a nice Pro-tools set up and computer. Which combo should I get? I've been looking into a Digi 002 set up with a mac laptop or an alienware computer. However, I've heard that Pro-tools isn't compatible with vista(?). I'll need the computer and Pro-tools for my hip-hop crew, its very simple, I'm playing beats into the machine and also doing vocal recording so it may not require an elaborate Pro-tools set up. Sampling may happen, but I think its going to be limited because of sampling laws and money. What should I get? Please don't say an M-Audio FireWire 410 because I heard that vocal recording on that is ****. Peace, thanks ya'll big points riding on this question.What Pro-tools %26amp; Computer Combo is best for me!? (I NEED EXPERT ADVICE, BIG POINTS!!!)?
Ok I work as a commercial producer in a local radio station and we've recently gone over to pro-tools. I've tried both versions - PC and MAC... don't touch a PC - its unstable and its slow. In our studio in work we use a digi 002 rack system going to a G5 mac - and its fantastic. It rarely if ever crashes and its super fast. At home I use a digi 002 desk and a mac mini - again it never crashes and is relatively fast. So between the lines from a computer point of view don't go past the apple mac - now as a mac mini isn't even breaking a sweat on running pro-tools, I would suggest that the black macbooks would be perfect to run it - and the mac book pro (dream machines of laptops) would certainly fly through it. If you're going for a desktop, don't spend a fortune on a fabulous mac (unless you have money to burn), buy a good imac - this would run it perfectly.

As for the interface, I've also used an m-box, so of the three options..... I love my digi 002 desk - theres a lot to be said for having that hands on feel to faders, and not having to scroll around with a mouse trackpad on a laptop - I wouldn't swap it - plenty of inputs, very very easy to use and most importantly - very high quality recording - which sounds perfect for what you want... the digi 002 rack is also top notch for recording, but less hands on - you need to control virtually everything using a mouse in the software. The m-box - yuk! I hated it - its the ultimate portability, but I don't like the sound off of it - it is cheap,and consequently sounds cheap.

So there you have it - I would go for a macbook (black or pro) and a digi 002 desk if you have the bucks to spend. Check the apple refurb store for good bargains, and since digidesign have released an upgraded digi desk, I'd imagine the 002's are clearing for a better price.

Hope this was of some help...

WBWhat Pro-tools %26amp; Computer Combo is best for me!? (I NEED EXPERT ADVICE, BIG POINTS!!!)?
What up

I use 002 w/ AMD windows XP with 2G of ram /sp2.

Works great.

I've worked on the 002, 002 rack, and MBOX

they are all pretty fly for hip-hop.

-if your a hands on person I would say get the 002.

its also easyier for live automation and control knobs.

-If your into using a mouse but need the 8 Audio inputs to do multi vocal recording or band recording get 002 rack.

-if you just need a simple set up with 2 audio inputs and phantom power, yet all the application of the 002 get the MBOX alot cheaper too.

As far as Computer go I would get the Mac.

I had my PC built for what I do so that made the difference.

good luck on your Decision.

Dez- hear what I did on the 002

NOTE: Pro tools is not compatible with vista yet

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