Thursday, December 31, 2009

I slept with my best-friends boyfriend!! need advice?

okay so i had sex with my best-friends ex boyfriend. and this guy was her 1st boyfriend and i lost my virginity to him. but she only dated him fro 2months and she only saw him 1 time. then she had me start talking to him to find out stuff about him and i let him come over and we ended up having sex. well she found out and she said that she forgives me and that she cant be friends with me anymore though. but her friend katie is like in love with this guy and she went behind her back and dated him. so she was also wrong in a way. i ended up having sex with him 4 times and when she asked me what happened i was completley honest with her and told her everythin and i told her i made a huge mistake and that i nevr meant to hurt her. do u think she will ever be my friend again?? cuz i miss her friendship so much and iv tried talkin to her but she just ignors me. also do u think she was wrong for what she did to her friend too?? well i need advice as to what i can do?? plz answer my question. and dont be mean and call me a whore cuz i already know what i did was very wrong...thx :)I slept with my best-friends boyfriend!! need advice?
You did the right thing by telling her the truth, that was good for your conscious. Have you told her you want to be friends again or are you just remaining silent hoping she will contact you? All you can do is tell her how sorry you are and ask her to forgive you. I would give her space and if she refuses to be your friend, then chalk this up to experience, take your medicine and move on with your life.I slept with my best-friends boyfriend!! need advice?
Well, at least you know you were wrong. I wouldn't be your friend if I was her. I wouldn't be Katie's friend either. And I certainly wouldn't have a BF like her's.

You messed up, and it's gonna take a long time, if it ever happens, to regain her friendship. That's why you don't mess w/other peoples boyfriends.
If you knew what you were doing was wrong then why did you keep having sex with him? I think that is why she is so mad at you. All you can do is try and talk to her, it's going to take time for her to get over what you did. Good Luck.
dang girl how old r u? tell me ok? well......that's a lot 4 times in one guy? dang...that's good for and bad for you, it's good for u cos u lost ur virginity and bad for u cos u lost a friend.....well i think u should just look for another friend cos she won't accept u
How do you make the same mistake 4 times? I'm sorry, but I agree with your friend. At the very least you should have gone to her and told her you were having feelings for her ex.
Leave her alone!! She don't need or want a friend like you. Be glad she forgave you and not put her foot up your a**.

I didnt read the whole thing, but thats messed up girl!
you don't deserve her friendship
how could u .u a bad person u don't deserve her friendship .
hahaha 4 times. my advice is find another friend or keep saying sorry
dont get that close to a guy before you have some ideas of the outcome...but i can say that if he tries to get close to you again is she sees u push him away she will be impressed that you have learned ur lesson and lost her relationship along ignoring his ';mating calls'; or wutev(flirtation maybe?) she will eventually look for a reason to forgive you for everything. and anyway y would she be that mad cause he was her ex anyways? but dont have sex wit him or anyone for that matter! it doesnt really help things out! it just lets guys know they have the possibility they can get in ur pants and take u over. next thing u know u will be sleeping with every guy in the school...and that would be BAD!


dont do it again thats all i have to say and its a good thing u told ur friend the truth! :) she sould be proud to have a truthfull friend like u!
Your friend actually sounds pretty nice to me. By what you've said she didn't get angry or call you names, she just cut ties with you.

It sounds like you've destroyed a friendship with a really nice person.

There's no advice, whats done is done. Learn from your mistake and don't sleep with someone you shouldn't. simple. Life is full of mistakes and lessons.

Whatever anyone else does with the ex bf, isn't your business. You'll just have to move on.
i know you said not to but im gonna do it anyway. im mean you barely even know this guy. and you ruin a friendship over it? and this whole time he doesnt care about any of you. all he cares about is the fact that he got everything he wanted from your little group of friends, and you just let him. have some self respect please. youre making us look badd. honestly i really commend the fact that she was so nice to you to forgive you, and if she doesnt wanna be your friend theres nothing you can do but give it time till the whole thing is old news and the anger dies down completely. just stick around for her.

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