Monday, December 21, 2009

What advice can i give my best friend?

she told me by email that after her fiance broke up with her, they are engaged getting married in few years then she told me i wana die

god should take me now

i dont wanna live


without him in my life

its pointless

what advice can i give her about not killing herself?

thanks it would be appreciatedWhat advice can i give my best friend?
No. 1-- If the engagement lasts longer than one year, thats a big clue

Tell her ethat there are other fish in the sea.

That if he didn't respect her and love her enough to stay with her after the engagement, then he wasn't the one for her and it just wasn't ';meant to be';.

eh how, cliche :p

I really hate to think of women who base their ENTIRE lives and mental well-being on some damn guy.

There has GOT to be someone out there for her and she should just keep on looking and soon, because if she doesn't then she'll never, ever find him.

Tell her that she needs to be her own person and take love and relationships with a grain of salt.

I mean, he treats her like dirt by breaking up with her and all she can think about is how much she ';NEEDS'; him when, in all actuality, he was keeping her down in the first place by wasting her time she could have spent with someone who wasn't such an asshole.

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