Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm in love with my best friend and need advice.?

My best friend (a guy) and I are extremely close. I've been friends with him for years, and had a little bit of a crush on him the first time I met him (6 years ago, in 5th grade.) We had no feelings for each other since then. We talk about our current bf/gfs to each other and give each other advice on what to do, what to say, etc. And because we are so close, everyone who knows us thinks we are secretly seeing each other.

Just a months ago I started developing feelings for him. I now am very and scarily in love with him, but I don't want to mess up our friendship. I confessed this to him two weeks ago, and he told me that

it wouldn't change anything, and he's going to be there for me 100%.

I really do love him romantically, but am not sure if he likes me back. We do things ';couples'; should do (hug each other for long periods of time, jump around and listen to music on his bed, tease each other about how sexy we are, and he once even sat on me when I was laying down on his bed.) I'm not sure anymore if this is just him teasing me like you would tease your sister, or if he maybe likes me a little bit too. He said he loves me like a sister, but I sometimes notice something else in his voice when he says it.

So does he like me as more than a friend or not? And will it create problems between us in the future?I'm in love with my best friend and need advice.?
He knows how you feel already because you told him. If he didnt reciprocate your feelings at that time two weeks ago, and is still

not reciprocating your feelings now, then he is either unsure of

what to do or how he feels, or he knows how he feels already

and does not have romantic feelings for you.

That doesnt mean that there isnt a chance between the both

of you, but just because you want a relationship with him

right now doesnt mean youll be able to have it.

If he feels the same at some point he will make a move.

If I guess right he may have asked someone he knows

for advice, and as long as his friend gives him good

advice like, ';dont wait too long to make a move.'; Then..

Not all the time feelings or love are realized or felt

instantly. Sometimes love grows like it did with

you. If you really want to be with him then wait

and maybe he will grow to love you too.

Thats about the only thing you can do, unless

you make a move on him.I'm in love with my best friend and need advice.?
my best friend is also a guy. his name is sam, and sam is the one person who can make me smile no matter what. i say that this guy likes you. i know from my experience, that love IS scary. The fact that he sat on you isnt somthing that he'd do probly, if he didnt like you. Guy friends that you fall in love with are amazing, because you know allready that they'd never hurt u or abuse u, t8k advantage, or cheat. They just love you. In so many ways. Good luck, this guy sounds awesome. :)!!!!
wow it sounds to me like he really does love you,

because usually when u tell a guy friend u like him, and he doesnt like you back.... he'll act a little akward around you, and he wont hug u as much or play around with u as much, cuse hes afraid that you'll like him even more..

but if he still acts the same with you and even acts a little bit more than a friend then maybe he really does have feelings for you,(im guessing on that part, because it really depends on his personality)

he probably just dosnt know how to tell you, or he's not sure he should tell you.

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