Thursday, December 31, 2009

Relationship problems :/ 10 points best answer. I need advice!?

Here's the thing.

I'm a teen.

All of my friends have had many boyfriends. I'm not trying to keep up with them or anything. I really want one, though.

It sounds dumb, I know :/

But I just want some guy I can see everyday at school, give hugs to, go to movies with, and write notes too.

I don't have that.

I don't know what to do. I don't want to sound weird, but I'm not hideous looking. I am just an average, put together person. I'm not weirdly shy, either. I just don't get it? Nobody ever asks me out. I have tons of friends, but no guy friends. I don't know how to make them interested.

All i'm saying is, I want to know how to get a guy. Any advice?

-AudrinnaRelationship problems :/ 10 points best answer. I need advice!?
Yeah; put yourself out there alittle. :]

And maybe some awesome guy will notice you.

Maybe hang around some guys you know at school or some friends party.

I mean; don't be a huge flirt or anything, but try getting to know some guys. :D

Show your talents; I bet an awesome guy will totally notice you. ;]

Maybe smile at a guy you think is cute or something. . :3

I dunno.

Well, I hope this helps!

Good luck w/ everything and finding a guy that's right for you!

%26lt;3Relationship problems :/ 10 points best answer. I need advice!?
Don't feel bad because I have tons of friends and no boyfriend too. Itt is normal and it will come with time. Start by asking yourself what qualities would you like in a guy than just casually talk to the guy that interest talk to him get to know him than see how it goes from there.
Like i've said to the many pple on yahoo aneswers, you need 2 be more out going, the only way u will achive a ';guy '; friend is if u start talking wiht more guys, ur comfort zone is around girls and ur friends but you need to venture out and just do things u wudnt normally do, lik ask somebody out instead of waiting for them, be more assertive鈥?/a>
maybe put urself out with guys a little...

laugh at someones jokes..

or ask one if ur friends' boyfriends to set u up!!

best of luck;)
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Audrinna, Sometimes you've got to chase some things because if everything came to you that would be to easy. You got to make some friends that are guys, but try talking to them and initiating the conversation because your at an age (I am assuming early high school) guys are indecisive and sometimes shy. Do you have anything you like to do like sports or some kind of activities, meet some bro dudes there. lol. Just try to be more outgoing, and when you meet guys have a couple things already in mind that you can ask them or talk to them about so there are no awkward moments(silence of death). Just my opinion,

I'm curious. Do you have a lot of female friends? Something I see quite a lot, from both guys and girls, they tend to run in 'packs', groups of 3 or more. And it's intimidating for a member of the opposite gender to try and approach someone when there's so many other 'prying' eyes around.

Your question doesn't sound dumb, and you don't sound weird either. You're probably a very nice girl who just hasn't connected with a special guy yet. But you will. Are there any that spark your interest? Do you share things in common? Maybe the boy you've had your eye on in biology class could help you with your homework : )

Reach out. Connect. Just because the guys haven't made that effort doesn't mean that you should be the same way. Take the initiative.

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