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My boyfriend cheated on me with his best friend...Continued, more advice. PLEASE!!!?

I asked this question like an hour ago, but think I left some stuff out. please read the other one first go here:;_ylt=ArTkzRDpcIFcGlKQGTTtpmTsy6IX?qid=20070628115318AA06ndH

I left out that, I love him very much and want to give him a second chance. I know I don't need him but love him and know this was a mistake on his part. I know being drunk is not an excuse but there is a reason you get arrested if you drive under the influence. It impairs you and your judgment. He chose to never talk or see her again. And I know if anything like this happens again I'm gone. And if he talks or sees her again its over as well. I just hate feeling hurt and wanted some advice on what I should do, and if there is anything that might help me along the way. I don't want to lose him and I know he loves me, we've been together for a long time and he is different. I guess this is stupid but I need reasurance from strangers. LOL. Hey, if it works it works.My boyfriend cheated on me with his best friend...Continued, more advice. PLEASE!!!?
Okay, here's my take on this situation. Obviously this best friend of his doesn't want to just be best friends. She needs to be out of the picture, completely, until she can accept the fact that you two are together. And your guy has some serious groveling to do after what he did. He put himself in a bad situation, and he knew what could happen, drunk or not. You don't need to let him back so easily. Give it time and let him know he screwed up, because if you just let it go he thinks he can get away with it again. I don't mean to seem rude towards him, it's just what he did was wrong, obviously the girl was wrong too, and if I were you I'd have a hard time right now not kicking her as*! Kudos to you for your self-control, and make him jump through some hoops for you for awhile, it'll prove if he really wants to be with you or not.

Good Luck!My boyfriend cheated on me with his best friend...Continued, more advice. PLEASE!!!?
Everyone makes mistakes and if you're willing to forgive him - then you are capable of moving past this. Drinking does impair your judgement and he did not act accordingly. Also, if a friend is willing to take advantage of you in such a state - that's no friend to him or you. She should respect the fact that the two of you are in a relationship and acted responsibly. It only takes one time to make a mistake but sometimes a lifetime to correct. He made a mistake and if he's truly sorry - give it and you some time to heal - if you cant then its time for the two of you to just be friends but be more a friend than she apparently ever was.
Your boyfriend kissed your best friend, ditched you, and pratically had sex with her. That's 3 strikes, and he's out. If he want's to do it with your best friend, fine. Because, honey, he's a waste of your time. Don't give him a second chance because he is going to hurt you more. And that's with your best friend too.
ok listen up

there s a big difference of forgive and forget

in order for other people to love u need to love yourself first and foremost

now this guy cheated on u and if u know u was being a good gf to this dude than if i was u i wouldnt give him a second even if i was madly in love with the person

sorry u need to love ur self first

let say u get back together in the back of ur head u will be thinking about the situation, and everytime he goes out u will be wondering who is with if he s cheating on u

u dont want that he already scarred u, i was u

let him go, take time for ur self

heal ur broken heart and move on with ur life and trust me u will find someone better

by the way he doesnt love u cuz if u love someone u dont do that to them

he broke the trust with out trust there s no relationship
You're in a really tough long have you been together? I'm the type of girl that believes, once a cheater, always a cheater. But I'm also in love with a wonderful man, so I know the confusion you must be feeling. If this is the first time he's ever done ANYTHING like this, and he really wont talk or see her again and if you feel like you can truely forgive him..then I say its ok for you to give him another chance. If this was something that had been going on for days/weeks/months, etc. Then I would say my rule applys and it wasn't a one time drunken mistake. Being drunk isn't an excuse, because on some level you know what you're doing. But on the other hand it does impare your judgement. Just be sure you can trust him and that you can really get over this. From what you said, it sounds like she's been planning/hoping he would cheat on you and it sounds like she did everything in her power to make sure of it. He needs to understand that if you give him another chance, he's going to have to earn back your trust and its going to take a lot of time. So he cant get upset if you second guess where he is or anything like that. But at the same time its not an excuse for you to turn into a crazy girlfriend that has to know every detail of his life and whereabouts. Dont be afraid to be alone either. If you're ment to be, you'll get thru this. If not, then there's a better guy out there for you. Good luck and I hope everything works out for you.
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