Monday, December 21, 2009

20p best answer, i need advice about this girl please answer if you care :(?

Alright well I first met this girl at school firstly it just began with me saying ';hi'; to her and stuff. Then we became friends. And I always support her through her situations and she did the same. Then at the end of the year I gave her a card for christmas with 20 dollars in it because i was leaving the school. In the holidays we didn't catch up once :( but we still spoke on msn and sent text messages and stuff. After a while i started my new school and was depressed. She starting supporting me through all of it. I supported her to and we preety good from there. After a while we stopped talking for about a month. We then started speaking again but on msn and i found out that she removed me from her top friends on myspace. From that point on she still supported me and i supported her but I always had to be the one to say ';heyy'; on msn to start a conversation. We discussed catching up and stuff but It was like she didn't want to see me or something. I sent her a lovely card thanking her for her support with 30 dollars in it and a message from my heart. She thanked me in a really sweet way. And we just went on from there but we still havn't caught up and i still say heyy on msn. I told her that ';we shouldnt be friends again and that it wasn't her fault'; and she said huh why. So i said im sorry for saying that we should still be friends so we still are i think.

she is going through pretty tough times to,

What happend im really confused if she still likes me as a friend but I can't tell because we talk on msn all the time. Or shes just sick of me.

Please tell me what you think is going on,,,

im :( about this,20p best answer, i need advice about this girl please answer if you care :(?
after you left, she didnt want to go out of her way to keep a friendship with you. she thought of it as an inconvenience. i advise you just drop off the friendship until she wants to be friends again. you dont nede to inform her but just stop starting conversations20p best answer, i need advice about this girl please answer if you care :(?
well to me it sounds like you guys are really cool friends.

now one thing girls don't like are clingy boys.

now if your clingy then i think you should just stop starting the conversations until she starts them about 3 times.

that way she will start missing you and want to be closer as friends.

now don't be a jerk about it.. like we aren't friends anymore because you know that you still want to be her friend. and from the sound of're not a jerk.. i mean c'mon you gave her $50 and card from the heart...

but if she's not into you..sorry

and btw how do you expect to give someone 20pnts? i can only get 10

i think she will like you but just chillax and let her miss you.
the thing with you havin to start the convo's:

i has that with one friend ad i worried about it too but then i hd another friend and it was the other way round they always started convo's and it was just cuz it was like routine..i love talking to them everyday its just routine that they start it.

maybe she's just going through something that is taking u alot of her time? talk to her about i and say how you feel.

maybe she is distracted when you talk?

good luck.

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you seem like a really nice guy but i think you guys sound like really good friends no more than that. when im with my friends im Always the one to be like ';hey'; also and and recently ive learned to wait until they ask me. maybe you should give this girl some space. try finding new friends at school and back up a bit on this girl. let her talk to you first. and i think you should stop sending her money. since she hasn'tt sent you anything at all then yous houldn't. if she doesn'tt put effortt in this friendship then yous houldn'tt either.

good luck(:
Why do you send money in your thank you cards? It isn't necessary, really. Sounds more like she's hanging in there for the next pay day. Stop saying hi first and wait to see if she contacts you first. See what happens. If she doesn't contact you first then I'd take the hint. People mov on and live their lives.
it seems like you are trying to buy her friendship. you cant be an obsessive friend. give her space. people change and move on, just except it. if she doesnt want to catch up then its whatever. stop sending her money its retarded.
I think, when you are not in the same school again,

she started to make new friends, and maybe a new bf...

So, she is little busy with her new friends and maybe her new bf.

Maybe that's why she doesn't contact you a lot.
Call her on the phone for goodness sake. You should be able to tell from her voice what she's thinking about you, if she gets off right away then she's not interested in continuing the friendship.

The cards with money are a little strange if you're not receiving cards with or without money or gifts in return...Seems a little desperate and psycho.
i think part of the problem is that you haven't seen her in a really long time.. one of my really close friends moved away last year and things became distant.. we rarely talk anymore. i think that its also because people change. also.. talking over msn works but you dont really get the persons true emotions and feeling with it.. there's all the emoticons and they can help, but its completely different when two people talk face to face. maybe she is just concerned about other things at the moment and she does want to be friends, but as you said, she is going through some tough things.. that probably plays a big role in this situation.

you should maybe ask her why she doesn't seem to want to catch up with you anymore, tell her if she needs to talk to you about anything that may be bothering her she can.. and just let her know how this makes you feel. Hope This Helps. Good Luck!

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