Monday, December 21, 2009

My best friends hate eachother...advice...?

ok so my girl best friend hates my guy best friend. i have knwo my girl best friend for practically my whole life! my guy friend...i have only known for about a year. she thinks he is a bad person and that i but into his crap and defend him all the time on stuff the he shouldnt be defended on. he has been there for me always i love him to death! i know he is a good guy i just knwo it. he treats me bad when it comes to his gf tho...she has cheated on him multiple times and he knows it but is too blind to see it. and my girl best friend knows the he uses me when he needs someone to talk to. i am just soo confused, i love them both, and my girl best friend makes a lot sof sense but i do not wanna loose fait in my guy friend, he is an amazign guy, but i do not wanna keep getting hurt by him and seeing him get hurt by his gf. My best friends hate eachother...advice...?
Listen to ur older girl friend... if she is right then u should try to slowly wean off the guy and just play it coolMy best friends hate eachother...advice...?
Obvious ur gal friend is a better friend.

just see what happens. Time will solve everything

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